Welcome to Westside Farms

Welcome to Westside Farms, LLC

Westside Farms was founded on the principles of delivering the finest-quality farm products for you and your family. Our products are created in a responsibly managed environment. You will see the difference!

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about our mulch & top soils
Mulch & Top Soils

230 acres of Tennessee farmland has allowed us to source and produce only the finest mulch and topsoil. Our hardwood mulch has little or no-odor and is the perfect ingredient to not only combat weeds in your landscaping, but improve the quality of the soil as it decomposes, facilitate soil moisture retention and help keep the soil cool over the hot summer months. Our topsoil is 100% natural, packed with nutrients derived over decades. The benefit of adding several inches of topsoil to new landscaping (especially with the red-clay that plagues so many here in East Tennessee) is that it ensures plants and seedlings get the nutrients they need, and new root growth can spread as necessary.