Westside Farms Pasture-raised Ground Beef

Pasture-raised and Hormone-free Ground Beef

All our ground beef are USDA-certified, Red Angus Beef. Locally raised and pasture-fed with NO antibiotics, NO added growth hormones, and is minimally processed. Our beef is vacuum packed and prepared in a USDA certified facility and can be freshly frozen, available in a variety of cuts, all perfectly sized to fit in your home freezer! Don't see the exact cut you are looking for? Specialty cuts can be made to order.

Ground meats

Westside Farms beef can also be purchased as whole, half or quarter, subject to availability. Purchasing beef this way requires that the meat be sold by hanging weight. Hanging weight refers to total weight prior to the beef being cut into various pieces. We currently have availability at $3.50 / lb hanging weight.

Please contact the farm for more details. Open for sales Mon-Fri 9am-3pm or by appointment. Please call Chris at (865) 766-7556, or email for more information.

100% fresh